• 13.08.2018
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Mishicage | 20.08.2018
It's totally unacceptable and the attackers must be punished!
Dashicage | 20.08.2018
Oh come on! I find it hard to believe people don't sniff out fake news bs. I recognized 25 or 30 years ago what a piece of shit liar Alex Jones and Art Bell among others were, among other freaked out web sites like the Stormfront etc. are. I find it hard to believe most Americans are this freakin stupid, but maybe I'm wrong. If the average IQ is 100 that would mean half of America is below average and might just believe everything they see, hear and read especially if it's fed to them by the bucket full by those who have an agenda that is seemingly like minded, but is really using the prop as a means of control.
JoJonris | 22.08.2018
I want to eat your beautiful juicy wet pussy
Goltibar | 18.08.2018
Como faz pra te conhecer melhor ?

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