NORTH POLE Photo Gallery

The following photos were taken over the past 10 years of expeditions to the North and South Poles



















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North Pole Base Camp

Base_plane2.jpg (18172 bytes)
Base Camp at North Pole
Save Our Earth.jpg (14073 bytes)
Global Warming Concerns
Tent.JPG (18671 bytes)
Inside of heated 16X18 Tents
Ice_Ridge_at_NP.jpg (16770 bytes)
Pressure Ridge
Borneo2.jpg (17368 bytes)
After a Blizzard
IMAGE33.jpg (244264 bytes)
International Participants- China
Bob golfing.JPG (10011 bytes)
The first Golfing on the Pole
NP Mileage Sign.jpg (62822 bytes)
Directions Home

North Pole Scenic Photos

IMAGE213.jpg (224880 bytes)
Ice_Mass_-_Tractor.jpg (19265 bytes)
Pressure Ridge
ridge-moon.JPG (17956 bytes)
North Pole Arctic Ice Pack
NP_Curvature.jpg (30538 bytes)
Arctic Lead
NP_Dogsled-Tents.jpg (23392 bytes)
Dog sled at Base Camp
Icy Ivan.JPG (17861 bytes)
Data Group.JPG (6512 bytes)
Geo-Magnetic Testing
Balloon_baskets_-Igloo_Wall.jpg (22376 bytes)
Building Igloo walls
NP_Tent-Igloo-Sled.jpg (30645 bytes)
Dog sled and Igloo Wall at Base Camp
Mi-8 over Flags.jpg (42513 bytes)
Mi-8 Helicopter over NP Flags
Mi-8 and Sunrise.jpg (26781 bytes)
The "Top of the World"

Aircraft and Logistics

Il-76.jpg (18017 bytes)
Russian Iylushin-76 Aircraft. From Moscow to Siberia
Russian IL-76 Cockpit over Antarctica.jpg (47263 bytes)
Cockpit view of IL-76 over Arctic Ice Pack
Russian Antonov-74.jpg (40365 bytes)
Russian A
IMAGE03.jpg (209716 bytes)
AN-74 Loading cargo for Expedition
Russian_An-74_Ice_Takeoff.jpg (12915 bytes)
Take-off from "Blue Ice Runway"
at North Pole
Twin_Helos2.JPG (14397 bytes)
Mi-8 Helicopters take you from NP Base to North Pole
IMAGE145.jpg (24983 bytes)
Siberian Reindeer Sled
IMAGE117.jpg (205276 bytes)
Siberian Reindeer Herdsman
IMAGE134.jpg (229828 bytes)
Siberian Woman 

Parachute Jump Photos

Jumpers_in_Plane.jpg (43783 bytes)
Jumping from the Plane
Jumpers_out_Plane.jpg (19847 bytes)
Jumping over the Polar Ice
Chutte_over_Ice.jpg (36281 bytes)
The Ultimate Jump
Many_Chuttes_over_NP.jpg (36915 bytes)
The Parachute Extravaganza
Tandem_Jump_NP.jpg (26599 bytes)
Tandem Jumping the North Pole
Parasail_over_NP.jpg (13181 bytes)
Para-Glider over the Pole

  Maps and Moscow

Russia-Arctic_Map.jpg (31120 bytes)
Map of Route to North Pole via Russia

Map of NP Route.jpg (79005 bytes)

Global Map of Arctic Ice Pack

Kremlin.JPG (31716 bytes)

The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

St._Basil2.JPG (28638 bytes)

          You'll never see anything like this in the world........