Curtis Lieber at North Pole currently America's Most Famous living Arctic Explorers

Curtis Lieber President/CEO Global Expedition Adventures, Inc.

  Curtis Lieber


President of Global Expedition Adventures, Inc..  and Lead Expert  Guide for North Pole expeditions.

April 10-28,1997 Participated the first American Expedition team to fly a Hot Air Balloon over the North Pole, via Siberia.

February,1998 Participated and helped organize the successful Expedition to the Deep Amazon River Region to airlift medical supplies the the Yanomami Indians. This was the first visitation to the Yanomami Indians by any group of white people, in over 20 years, and was set to save the tribe from a  malaria and cholera epidemic that had been decimating the tribe. The Expedition was required hike many miles into the rain forest from the nearest landing strip.

April, 1998: Participated in the "Balloon over the Pole" Expedition in which the first woman flew over the North Pole.

April, 1999: Organized the "American-Russian Expedition" to the North Pole which also included 7 youngsters to the North Pole.

December, 1999/February, 2000: Organized the "Team Sockeyes" Expedition to the South Pole. This became the first unassisted land crossing of Antarctica from the continent Peninsula near the Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole and back using Russian prototype vehicles.

April, 2000: Organized the North Pole Expedition that included the consulting and logistics for the first "Republic of China Expedition to the North Pole". This expedition also placed the flag of Hong Kong on the North Pole.

April, 2001: Organized the largest North Pole Expedition that included 12 skiers that skied the "Last Degree to the Pole", as well as organized the promotional considerations with Eagles Cry Productions for the "North Pole Hot Air Balloon Rally, in which several balloons flew over the North Pole and were filmed for a documentary. Global Expedition Adventures, Inc. was responsible for placing the first Philippine flag on the North Pole.

April, 2002:  Organized the "First North Pole Marathon"....a 26.2 mile classic runners marathon at the Exact Geographic North Pole. And on April 11, 2002 the North Pole Marathon was run!! 12 runners from all over the world participated in this event of the Century......Also, Curtis organized two ski expeditions, one skydiving event, and 24 "Polar Explorers" were taken to the North Pole that year by this "Seasoned North Pole Organizer".

April 2003: Curtis again organized skydivers from all around the world, and 14 other tourists, and  was responsible for safely determining the precise logistics that allowed for every participant to reach the Exact Geographic North Pole, and return safely back to their respective Homelands.

April, 2004; Curtis celebrated his 10th year at organizing logistics, and transportation for professional and general tourist groups at the North Pole. This particular year, Curtis achieved transportation that led to the first Iranian to reach the North Pole...showing the world, that the North Pole was a place of PEACE, and unity of the nations on this Earth.

February 8-24, 2005; Curtis launched an expedition team to climb the Catabla Glacier, located near Ushuaia, Argentina. He and his team, reach the highest point of the glacier, and descended sucessfully without mishap. This was a technical ice climb.

April, 2005: For 9 months, Curtis had organized and worked with the Republic of China, in the preparations of successful logistics for the Republic of China Ski Team, whom successfully reached the North Pole on April 24, 2005. Furthermore, Curtis made possible the "2005 Skydiving Celebration" that took place on April 12, 2005. He furthermore continued in gathering more adventurists to reach the North Pole this year.

2005 to 2006;  Curtis is currently busy organizing logistics for an "assault" on the South Pole by ski. He will of course organize logistics once again for the April, 2006 North Pole Expeditions, that will include 3 ski teams, 2 separate events of skydiving, and 4 groups of general tourists to the North Pole.